Our mission is to provide democratic sharing of information without bias, censorship or manipulation.

ModernText is an uncensored and democratic information sharing platform where users choose what information is the most visible. Any legal content is permitted, nothing will be altered or removed by ModernText and users undergo verification before they can participate in order to minimize manipulation. There are some other key differences between ModernText and other information sharing platforms, read on for more information.

We have a more sophisticated voting system:

  • Users only receive a limited amount of “use or lose” points to upvote or downvote content each day. Because of this, users will be compelled to vote on what they care about most, thus adding more value to their contributions. If a user is passionate about a post, they can vote any portion (or all) of their daily allowance to the visibility of that content.
  • A “one account per person” rule exists and is enforced. This will prevent the same person from casting multiple votes on one post.

We value privacy and respect our users:

  • We only store the absolute bare minimum amount of personal information about our users; first name, last name, email and country - all other personal information is hashed and unreadable.
  • You will not be systematically hounded to “download our app” nor will you be tricked into clicking ads disguised as posts. Advertising on our site will be opt-in (based on your account settings) and advertisements will be unobtrusive, text based, limited to one per page and will be in single conspicuously marked location.
  • We will never sell, publish, or provide access to any user's personal information to any third party for any purpose, unless required by law.

If you want more details about the above, please read on. Otherwise, we invite you to join our community or browse our content.

During signup, you ask me for my mailing address, what do you do with it?

Before we store your mailing address, it is transformed into a hash. A hash is a cryptographically secure value that is no longer readable and is virtually impossible to reverse back to its original state, but is still unique based on the pre-hash value. We are not even able to reverse your address hash back to its original value.

The address hash is only used to enforce our account creation rules; one name and address combination permitted platform wide.

What do you do with my credit card information?

Your credit card is used as a validation tool to ensure that the name and address you provide for creating the account matches the name and address on file for a valid credit card. It is also used to collect the one time ($3 minimum) contribution required for verification and to join the site. If you opt into monthly contributions, it will be used for that as well.

Your full credit card information is never handled or stored on our servers. Additionally, none of your sensitive credit card information is ever stored, handled or visible to us. The card number collection and charging process is facilitated by our payment gateway (Stripe,) and the only information we store is a non-sensitive Stripe specific credit card fingerprint id and the last 4 digits of your card number for reference.

How does ModernText compare to reddit?

Can the availability and visibility of content legal in the US be reduced or prohibited separately from a democratic rating system?
Reddit ModernText

Yes, in the following ways:

  • Quarantining of content (reducing visibility)
  • Locking of content (preventing interaction with)
  • Removal of content by reddit employees or subreddit admins
  • Bonus: Reddit CEO Steve Huffman was caught (and admitted to) editing a user's post. He appeared (from our perspective) to have made the edit because of his ideological / political differences with the content.

Can multiple accounts easily be opened by the same person, organization or bot?
Reddit ModernText


Each account has to have a unique name and address (verified by a credit card.) One credit card can only be used community wide.

Can one person vote on an unlimited number of content submissions a day?
Reddit ModernText

Yes. In our opinion unlimited voting makes voting potentially indiscriminate and certainly less valuable.


Users are encouraged to vote on the things they care about most. This includes the ability to use all of their daily voting power on one item.

Is the platform partially owned by a Chinese conglomerate that is easily influenced by one of the worlds most oppressive and censoring governments (CCP)?
Reddit ModernText


Reddit is partially owned by Chinese conglomerate Tencent. Tencent has reportedly spied on, and censored users of its services.

Will you be unrelentingly pestered to download a separate mobile application when using the website?
Reddit ModernText


No. A Mobile application is not necessary.

Will you be subjected to numerous advertisements that are embedded in between and look very similar to actual posts?
Reddit ModernText



What else should I know?

Although we personally handle your data as described above, it is important to note that our payment gateway (Stripe) may retain personal information according to their policies as needed to process credit card information.

Who is ModernText and why should I trust anything you say?

ModernText is based in the USA and is owned and operated by Richard J. Holdings, LLC.

We have personally put a tremendous amount of time and money into making ModernText and we are passionate about providing an authentic information sharing platform that is simplistic, valuable, unbiased and respectful of user privacy. To do anything other than what is described in this document with your trust is a colossal waste of resources and is categorically counter to ModernText's founding principles.